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Goldblatt, Jane Ritchie

Sex: F
Date of death:
Date of interment: 10/09/1952
Section: D
Lot: 67 W1/2
Grave: Row
Marker: headstone
Mortician: Memorial Chapel
Owner: Maxwell Goldblatt
Deed: 500
Deed Date: 10/14/1952
Next of kin:
Notes: Records indicate that a Mrs. Jane Ritchie was buried (crematiion) in this grave site on 11-14-58 and removed Dec. 1962. She was grandmother of Jane Ritchie Goldblatt. The grandmother, Jane Ritchie, was re-buried in Los Alamos, NM, at Guaje Pines Cemetery. The remains of Jane Ritchie Goldblatt (baby) were not removed.