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About This Project

In the interest of having burial records available to the public for genealogical research and for preserving records on an electronic database, the Association has entered into an agreement with the New Mexico History Museum here in Santa Fe for the museum to host the database of more than 2000 records. Information in the database comes directly from the hard-copy burial records, many of which are quite old.

Many thanks to the Museum for their cooperation and assistance in establishing the database and to Eagle Scout Diego Quintana for taking the nearly 2,000 pictures, and to Association Board Member Ray Kersting for inputting all the data.

Fairview Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery was established in its current location in Santa Fe, NM, during the 1880s. It was for many years the only non-Catholic cemetery in the city. The graveyard is now operated as a nonprofit organization by the Fairview Cemetery Preservation Association.

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