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Watkins, Betty McKay
Galisteo St, Santa Fe, NM

Sex: F
Date of death:
Date of interment: 02/28/1975
Section: F
Lot: 10 W 1/2
Grave: 4
Marker: headstone
Mortician: Berardinelli
Owner: Steve Watkins -- husband
Deed: 888
Deed Date: 01/15/1976
Next of kin:
Notes: A Mary Piatrowiski (?) was mistakenly buried in Steve Watkins grave #5. In 1999 Mr. Watkins gave the FCPA a quit claim deed to F-10 W 1/2 grave 5. Piatrowski\'s grave number was changed to lot 10, grave 1, the lot purchased by her family. The adjacent empty grave, lot 17, grave, was sold to the Guitierez famly for the burial of Rose Marie Guitierez.