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Gullett, Mary Ann
6341/2 College Ave, Santa Fe, NM

Age:3 mos
Sex: F
Date of death:
Date of interment: 09/10/1940
Section: A
Lot: 55
Grave: 1
Marker: none
Mortician: Sayre and Andrews
Owner: William L Gullett
Deed: 169
Deed Date: 10/09/1940
Next of kin:

Gullett, William Lou

Sex: M
Date of death:
Date of interment: 01/26/1941
Section: B
Lot: Masonic
Grave: 15
Marker: none
Mortician: Memorial Chapel
Owner: Montezuma Masonic Lodge #1
Deed Date:
Next of kin: wife: Sara Gullett