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Education in Palace of the Governors/New Mexico History Museum

The New Mexico History Museum tells the story of the State's past through exhibitions designed to inspire, elevate, educate and even delight our visitors. The end result of your experience in our museum is an exciting one that can put you on the path to becoming an honorary scholar of New Mexico's rich history and cultures.

Our focus is on the remarkable vista that makes up New Mexico's history; a history of tradition and change, conflict and compromise and, most importantly, the joy and sorrow that make up a compelling story. As our visitor, you will be exposed to exciting legends and even more wonderful truths that make up New Mexico.

The New Mexico History Museum is a museum that creates educational partnerships for our future yet reflects our incredible past. Whether you are visiting the museum for the first time to learn about our state or taking advantage of our many changing exhibits or introducing a group of children to our programs and events, allow us to introduce you to the joy of history.

We have worked hard to make our museum a gathering place or resolana for families, students, educators, and historians.

Educational Events and Resources

Both onsite and outreach activities promote a multi-perspective look at New Mexico history. For New Mexico's children and future generations to come, our goal continues to be a sense of self and ownership in who we are and where we came from. Our history and culture is an integral component of every New Mexico school child's education. For out-of-state visitors, our goal is slightly different which is to provide an accurate account of New Mexico's long and complicated past and entice you to want to learn more about who we are as a state.

Activity guides allow children of all ages to participate in exhibits. These guides encourage family discussions, and participation in games to find the hidden images located throughout the exhibit. Be sure to stop by our front desk to learn about family activities.

Curricula and Lesson Plans give educators and parents materials that are not available in most textbooks. The New Mexico History Museum provides a multi-faceted look at the cultural contributions of the Pueblos, Navajo, Apache, Spanish, Mexican and American peoples. A whole new look at American History, through Southwestern eyes, is what is awaiting you at our museum.

Learning in a National Historic Site

The Palace of the Governors, centrally located on the Santa Fe Plaza, stands as an iconic symbol of the history of New Mexico through four centuries and five governments. Officially registered as a National Historic Landmark and an American Treasure, the Palace of the Governors is the oldest public building in the United States.

The Palace of the Governors was once the powerful seat of government through four periods of our history. In 1909 this important building answered a new calling when it evolved into the Museum of New Mexico and became the repository for the state's artifacts.

Today, based upon growing collections and a statewide devotion to preserving our cultural heritage, the State of New Mexico is committed to taking the next step: To create the New Mexico History Museum located directly behind the Palace of the Governors.

With the opening of our new museum building that will house a permanent exhibition on the history of New Mexico and have galleries for fabulous changing exhibitions, the Palace of the Governors will regain its rightful place in New Mexico history and in itself become our largest, and most important, exhibit. To walk through its wealth of culture and history is an opportunity not to be missed.

Palace of the Governors Lowrider Event

El Favor de los Santos" Community Car Show (2007). Photo by John T. Denne.