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Album Amicorum

Welcome to the website of the traveling exhibit, Album Amicorum: Gems of Friendship in a Frightened World. This online version of our exhibit features work by twenty-one outstanding artists from fourteen countries who create marbled or decorated papers. Our exhibit takes it name from 16th century friendship books that contained marbled and other decorated papers, and that continue to inspire cross-border friendships in a world beset by turmoil.

As one of the hosts of the First International Marblers Gathering in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1989, the Palace of the Governors is honored to present this unusual exhibit to an international audience. By showing these works in an electronic setting, we are furthering the journey of a craft that has for many centuries intrigued its admirers and transformed its practitioners.

We share these artworks in the spirit of friendship. In that same spirit, the artists extend their good will to gallery and online visitors alike. From time to time, this site will be updated. Please check with us regularly for new information and commentary



Artists in Order of the Traveling Invitation

Tom Leech (USA), Hikmet Barutcugil (Turkey), Einen Miura (Japan),
Susanne Krause (Germany), Renato Crepaldi (Brazil), Milena
Hughes (USA), Karli Frigge (Netherlands), Brigitte Chardome
(Belgium), Katalin Perry (France), Marianne Moll (Switzerland),
Sabine Rasper (Germany), Joan Ajala (Australia), Victoria Hall
(England), Nuri Pinar (Turkey), Montse Buxó (Spain), Alberto
Valese (Italy), Nedim Sönmez (Turkey), Tini Miura (Germany),
Robert Wu (Canada), Iris Nevins (USA) and Lucie Lapierre,

Click Here to view an online exhibit
of marbled and other decorated papers.