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New World Saints, a collection of 24 spectacular hand-colored prints from drawings by Catherine Ferguson, with text by Spanish colonial scholar Dr. Donna Pierce. The portfolio includes paper triptychs that serve as shrines for the prints of saints whose popularity either traveled from the Old World to the New or originated in the Americas. Arched tops of the triptychs are handsomely embossed with a traditional scallop design and the double doors carry a biographical sketch or mythology of each of the saints found inside. This richly colorful iconographic celebration, five years in the making, is housed in a hand-bound, arched-top box lined with Italian printed papers and gold foil.

Click on the photograph for an enlarged view and a look at three prints from the folio.

1995 Edition limited to 140 signed and
 numbered copies
Text set in Dante
Prints on Domestic Etching paper
Triptychs, 9" x 14 1/2", Somerset cream  paper
Portfolio box hand bound in adobe colored  linen
Price $600


The Journal of José Salaices: Portrait of a Settler in Spanish Colonial New Mexico, by Diana Ortega DeSantis, reproduces the pages of this 18th century account along with translation, annotation, and 

text. José Salaices left the historyof nearly thirty years of his life scrawled in fading, rust red ink over the surface of eight pages of paper barely measuring 6 by 4 inches. Yet, in this humble document he provides a wealth of information that only a handful of literate New Mexican settlers were capable of recording. DeSantis, who recently discovered the manuscript, uses it to transport the reader into frontier life in the late Spanish Colonial period. The book is highlighted with maps, charts, and drawings by Deborah Reade.

1998 Edition limited to 65 signed, numbered  copies
Text set in Joanna
Printed on handmade Moravia paper
Bound in handmade paper cases and vellum
Price $300

Southwest Writer
Harvey Fergusson:
A Collector's View and Checklist
 ,by Saul Cohen, opens the door to one of the best-kept literary secrets. Cohen guides the reader through a full spectrum of the work of author Harvey Fergusson and offers commentary that puts it all into perspective. The 70-page book was designed and printed letterpress by Pamela Smith, as her  last edition  before retirement. 

2001 Edition limited to 150 signed, numbered copies.
Text set in Monotype Baskerville with titling set in Sans Serif Medium
Price $250


To order a copy of one of these titles, please send a check made payable to:
The Museum of New Mexico Foundation

The Press of the Palace of Governors
Museum of New Mexico
PO Box 2087
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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