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softly scarred marble, and sewing frames and “nipping” presses for hand binding books and pamphlets. In the visitors' area, racks and glass cases display pages from New Mexico's history where 19th century newspaper headlines chronicle Civil War battles and Indian raids and “wanted” posters deliver a warning to some of the territory's most notorious desperadoes.

More than a collection of artifacts, the Print Shop is a vital center for the revival, stimulation, and pursuit of the book arts. Award-winning, limited edition books are published here on historic presses and a research library of more than 400 volumes related to the arts of the book is available to the public during Museum hours. Educational programs are offered in the form of on site lecture-tours, workshops in the public schools, and an annual book festival.


Situated in rooms adjoining the nearly 400-year-old courtyard of the Palace of the Governors is the Print Shop and Bindery, known as the Palace Print Shop, or, more formally, as the Press of the Palace of the Governors. A living Museum of New Mexico exhibit dedicated to the history of the state's printing traditions, the Print Shop offers some 70,000 yearly visitors an opportunity to relive the lively environment of 19th century publishing.

Enter a sensory world where working machinery clanks and groans and the pungent smell of ink hangs in the air. Formidable iron and wood hand presses are situated behind wood railings along with rows of cabinets housing antique metal types, imposing tables of

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